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BK Shivani - Personality Development - Happiness


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uploaded on : 2011-02-19.

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Last 25 Comments / 71

  • wonderful teaching!

  • it is excellent speech change people life

  • Wonderful. Om shanti, sister Shivani.

  • BK Shivani- Personalty Development

  • Clean the Mind !! by BK Sis Shivani

  • BK Shivani didi-- Personality Development

  • bk uma thank u.

  • Thank you sister Shivani for the past 2 years i have been watching your program,ever since then i am practicing all the advises given by you.I do comfortable with myself,if not at times I do not to hold on with anything for long time.Thank you once again.

  • yes mujhe apka satsang achea lagea

  • Excellent !

  • very inspiring session you are the great one shivani didi

  • When you don’t know what true for you, everyone else has unusual influence. Values are deeply held personal beliefs that form your own priority code for living. Values are the individual biases that allow you to decide which actions are true for you alone. What are your values?

  • very beautiful session .. thank u didi shanti

  • thanks diidiii

  • i am raj here from Canada. I see your TV show daily morning at 10.30 AM . I am BK too and I go to Toronto Center. I just finished 7 days classes. OM SHANTI

  • very inspiring talk must seen

  • great way of explanation ! thank you very much Shivaniji !

  • Superb

  • Thank You foe awarness

  • My father and me go to BK each sunday for MURLI

  • I understand the beauty of mind on this discours which teaches how to overcome negative thinking to be positive and how to controll our mind. Thanks respected swamiji madhu - dubai

  • ब्रह्मा कुमारी से प्राप्त ज्ञान ने मेरा जीवन ही बदल दिया है l अब मैंने सदैव खुश रहना सीख लिया है l

  • good i like it

  • very..very...nice

  • shivani di, excellent intellect, can revolutionize world's virtual beliefs and sanskars. Great is the supreme guide shiv baba.

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